Let the countdown begin!
Amazingly, we are in the countdown to our return home! It is hard to believe that this wonderful adventure is coming to a close. But I will save the trip ending post for later... I did want to let you know that we would be arriving back in New York on Friday, July 20th - nearly 6 months after we left!

We have sublet our apartment through the end of August, so we will be extending our vagabond days a little longer. My sister (Liza) and Mike are letting us crash at their place while we are in New York while we will are eagerly arriving the arrival of some very important babies. Once they enter the world, we will also be traveling a bit and making sure to savor some of the parts of the US that we have missed.

Yesterday, we made the very long journey from Vietnam to the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. Despite only a total of four hours flying, the trip took 16 hours to get here ... Add that to the list of things I won't miss about traveling Winking But now we are settling in for a wonderful week of relaxing by the beach. The beaches are white sand, the water is a lovely turquoise and the drinks are cold. I think this will certainly pass as a good way to end!

We are filled with mixed emotions about the trip ending, but it will be wonderful to see and talk to everyone to catch up! Can't wait!!