Miss Gill gets married!
We spent this past weekend celebrating the enchanting wedding of Sharan Gill and Sachin Shah. It was a truly memorable celebration and there were wonderful events throughout the weekend.

The weekend began with an early flight out on Friday morning morning with Francesca. We met up with Julie and Sonny at LAX and headed north to the Four Seasons Westlake where we spent the entire weekend when not attending a wedding event. Under normal circumstances, I would avoid hanging around a hotel all day, but this was a beautiful hotel and after the places we stayed on our big trip, the luxury was much welcomed!

As you might have expected, the bride was amazingly gorgeous and the happy couple was a joy to watch. We had such a great time celebrating with them!


We had a great SchoolNet crew for the weekend. This picture wasn't the best shot of the weekend, but it was the only one with all of us (minus the bride and groom of course!)
Amy, Jeff, me, Jay, Keith, Francesca, Niquelle, Silver, Julie and Sonny.


(There are lots more pictures here. Take a look!)