TN Lists

We are posting the details of our journey, our impressions and ratings of the places we stay, eat and visit. There is nothing more annoying than forgetting the name of a fantastic place you want to recommend it to someone heading that way. This will help us avoid that problem and maybe it will even inspire you to head to one of these places!

How are we rating each place?
We are using a 4 star system, although we are cheating because we are using half stars too... And we don't actually have a star graphic, so the drama of a high star rating loses some of its pizzaz.

How would we recommend using the ratings?
0-1.5 stars - avoid going there pretty much at all costs. we assume there is a better alternative.
2 stars - go if you have to, but we wouldn't really encourage it
2.5 stars - if it works with your plans, it is a good choice
3 stars- Try to make an effort to seek it out
3.5 stars - Definitely recommend finding a way to this place
4 stars - so fabulous we never even doled one out

Are these joint ratings?
Yes, Jay and I are each participating in the rating, sometimes after substantial discussion, we come to consensus. Where there is a disagreement, the person holding the pen gets to write it in the notebook. Needless to say, I am normally holding the pen ;)

Why are some categories missing in certain areas?
We are basically including everywhere we go - good or bad - so the absence of a category is most likely because we only stopped in the place briefly, perhaps just the afternoon. As far as restaurants, we are preparing our own food for most meals, making our restaurant experiences quite limited in some areas.